Prometheus 101 – How to get started

I recently gave a talk about Prometheus and how to get started at Cloud Native Aarhus Meetup #6.
Cloud Native Aarhus is one of the most fantastic communities I have been a part of!
The shared vision and love for cloud native by the people is just staggering.
If you wanna join us and talk about everything Cloud Native you can sign up at our Meetup page or join our slack and come chat with us!


The talk was named “Prometheus 101 – How to get started” and targets how to get going with the most awesome monitoring solution out there.
It is important to understand the components within Prometheus and the architecture of the complete system which can be found here.

The demo repo is open source and available here:
Thanks to vegasbrianc for the original repo and idea.
One of the cool things about the demo repo is that it only requires docker and docker-compose to try it out!
The day after the meetup Grafana 5.0 was released which the repo now uses and it works without any hassel on your part.
I received so much positive feedback about the presentation, so if you were at the meetup and you are reading this I want to say thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

Maybe there will be a Prometheus 201 talk some day where we deep dive into the awesome details about this fantastic monitoring system.
One of the things I think people should dive deep with is PromQL which is the query language used by prometheus.
Another thing is the service discovery capability which works out of the box with container clustering management systems such as Kubernetes.
Until then I hope to see you out there at the meetups here in Denmark and maybe hear your awesome talk!